Web Design Branding Services

  Website Design Consultation

Your initial consultation starts with discovering your purpose as a company and understanding what you offer that is unique. Your brand is who you are, what you do, and why your customers need you. We will discuss design expectations, website goals, and your own involvement in the web branding process.


  Website Design (New Custom Website)

We specialize in custom and CMS design solutions and services. Branded by Web Design can work with you on any level of project and at for any budget that suits your unique design, content, and SEO needs. Each client is unique and important in his or her own right and deserves a custom branded site!


  Website Maintenance (Existing Custom BBWD or CMS )

Are you lacking the look and feel of a 21st Century Web presence? Is your design old school, with outdated content? We can take your existing content; update your business information, modernize the design, and create a brand new online presence for your business.


  Website Redesign (BBWD software or CMS)

Your site is live, but now what?! It’s time to stay up to update with relative, accurate content and images. A maintenance plan is the key to the ongoing success of your brand. You can improve your search engine ranking, increase the number of visitors, and strengthen your online presence.


  Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is at the heart of every design project. Branded by Web Design submits your branded website for indexing and through the creation of business listings and profiles, you can boost your chances of ranking on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


  Social Media Account Setup

A strong social media presence is a key tool in building your online brand, and when used to its fullest potential can drive customers to your website and business. We set up social media profiles, fully equipped with your brand logo, content, images, and vital business information.


  Custom Content Development

From URLs, titles, keywords, metadata, and quality custom content creation, Branded by Web Design builds every website with SEO in mind. Quality content provides you with the ability to expand the reach of your brand in ways that are useful to your customers and beneficial for your company.


  Logo design, re-design, or conversion

A well-crafted logo can be extremely effective for creating a brand identity that is memorable and recognized easily by an audience. Whether you need an entirely new design or simply a re-design of an existing logo, BBWD’s dedicated graphics designer can meet your needs.



Domains & Hosting Services


Choosing a website domain that speaks to your brand is important. A quality domain name should be easy to remember, distinct, and concise. This can be achieved by using your either business name or by using a keyword phrase that represents your services and/or products.


Hosting is done though Internet provided hosting companies that allows businesses to make their website live, so your customers/visitors can browse your services and/or products online. Branded by Web Design highly recommends clients satisfy their domain and hosting needs through GoDaddy.com or Wix.com.

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