SEO- Search Engine Optimization Service

  Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is at the heart of every design project. Branded by Web Design submits your branded website for indexing and through the creation of business listings and profiles, you can boost your chances of ranking on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


What is…?


What Is search engine optimization?

SEO is using keyword phrases in relative places in your website content, submitting your site to major search engines, creating business listings, and social media accounts with your business brand, and implementing your business information, logo, and applicable content as needed on all SEO accounts.


• Social Media includes (but not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, & Pinterest.

• Search Engines and Business Listings include (but are not limited to): Google, Bing, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, & Free YP pages online!



How does SEO help you?


Provides relevant information for searchers

Optimized content and design provide increased chances for web users who are searching for your services and products to find your website and the information they need.


Improves your ranking in search results

Branded by Web Design creates a long-term organic stream of traffic that you can count on, without breaking the bank each month on paid advertisements.


Directs higher quality traffic to your site

Research into your business, target audiences, and competitors allows for the strategic optimization of content required to attract visitors who are more likely to convert to customers.

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